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It may be time to reassess my meds. Either my depression's getting worse or my meds aren't so effective any more. Can one build up a tolerance to SSRIs? I guess you can, you can build up a tolerance to every other kind of medication so...

Yeah. Not doing so good, slightly PMSing as well which is always fun, and feeling like nothing I do is any good.

But still - Steve in less than a week now! And the Scottish Fen Posse Party (I can't believe I'm using the word Posse in relation to me again. I haven't done that since I left secondary school...) on Friday.

(antibiotics are finished and made me all better, except for the fact that I'm now feverish from something else. Or maybe it's still the same thing but the pain's gone. I dunno.)

Will be back on form soon, I hope.

ETAMy horoscope for today. As provided by the Metro newspaper:

It's not like you to rebel, but you're furious about restrictions imposed on you at work. You feel like doing something rash. Something you'd live to regret. You won't, of course - far too sensible - but oooh, the thought is nice.
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