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decided to take the full hour for lunch today and Matt convinced me to head on down to the local beer garden since the weather was so good. (Okay, so the convincing went along the lines of "I'm going to the pub, wanna come?" but hey, it was twisting my arm, honest!) So we're sitting shivering, trying to kid ourselves that the sun was going to come out and chatting about anything and everything when we realise we have five minutes to get back to the library which is aproximately ten minutes away. Ooops.

We made it back, despite me wearing heels today - why?! - and get into the department at 13:01, okay so it's a minute late, but there's no one here! Everyone else buggered off without waiting for us to come back. Nice.

I think I could get used to this pint at lunch thing though! Even if it is making me a little sleepy now, or maybe that's just being in this place that's doing that...

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