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Random squee and concern...

My Horoscope is starting to scare me: It's very sweet of you to work so hard for others. Awfully nice to take on so much on their behalf. Because they'll all be so wonderfully grateful. Not. Don't be so gullible, Capricorn - 'no' is not a dirty word. (from the Metro again)

So um... do any of you guys write the horoscopes for the Metro? Because they know me. They must do...

Made some icons last night - am kinda blown away with the response at the moment, although mostly it's the Jensen factor I'm sure!

Didn't manage to fix INAP yet, will try to fix it Sunday but...

Tonight's the Scottish Fen Posse Party! I can't actually believe it's come around so quickly! Yay! Can't *wait* to see you guys! (Damn, I just remembered I forgot to pick up my digital camera this morning - crap!)

And I had my MP3 player on this morning when I was first in the office, I was going to get water for the kettle and 'Come Around More Alabama' came on as I was walking through an empty office with a 2 litre bottle of water in my hand and I literally bounced on my toes and grinned like a lunatic. It struck me just at that particular moment that I'M GOING TO BE SEEING HIM IN THE FLESH ON MONDAY!!!!!!


(I'm feeling better now, can you tell?)

Oh, and dude... I didn't realise how used to power steering I was until mine cut out on me last night. I drive a 1.4 litre Ford Fiesta, it's not a big car, but man... it's *heavy*! So parking at wenchpixie's place is going to be fun tonight - on street parking in a strange place with no power steering... yeah...

ETA OH!! wenchpixie and amy_star_ - thank you both soooo much! I got your beta comments on the fic and will be fixing it up and posting it soon! *hugs*
Tags: car woes, flist love, random, steve carlson
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