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Home. Can't be arsed doing anything now...

Um...yeah - Scottish Fen Posse Party was freaking hilarious. That post was made at 5am and we had been awake the entire time (girls, at that point I'd been awake for over 24 hours - did I mention that?).

I also posted fic yesterday before I left for t'party. Lindsey. Season two.

Am now home, am tired, should really go out to the shops and pick up the HP book and some food but am really tired. May just curl up and go to sleep instead and then panic tomorrow when I realise I haven't got anything ready for the trip to London for STEVE!DAY #1

Wroted more fic this morning whilst everyone else was sleeping, should finish it really and then get the icons done.

And of course prod smeckles90 until she writes the sponge fic.

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