the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Voice Post: Urm... Yep, Frank had the right Idea on this one

593K 3:04
“I have no idea whatsoever. Mostly restrained Steeeeeeeeeeve and apologies for being mental. Citing lack of sleep. And some hellos and some stuff I couldn't understand despite being from the same neck of the woods as Sho :D.

Lots and lots (or 6) people being very very excited at the prospect of Steve :D”

Transcribed by: wenchpixie

What we actually said:

Haven't actually pressed the pound sign yet so this shouldn't be working. I'd just to like to apologise to everyone on my flist who are seeing all the multiple voice posts right now from lots of people just saying Steve a lot. yeah, we're all going to the Steve gig tonight, there's um... six of us in the room just now - yes I can count, I might not have slept for 36 hours, but I can count...

This is Mara_Sho by the way, yes, this is me, yeah really this is my voice.

Um everyone's going to start Steveing at you again because they didn't do it on my post, we did it on everyone else's...

STEEEEEEVE!!!! (sustained note)

All it sounds like is we're meditating on Steve. You're all making me laugh... and Karyn did it again! (held the note longest)

(random stuff I can't remember or work out)

Cat's looking for something on her computer so I'll just keep talking randomly and you'll hate my voice even more. My voice isn't usually this deep and croaky, it's cos of the sleep deprivation and it's Megabus's fault.

If you've actually stuck with us to the end of this then... Cat's almost there I think... I'm talking really slowly now

Frank is back in the black hole...

(_doodle from within the black hole... "My... name... is... _doodle...")

Cat is desperately looking for Steve now...

"Make 'em cry..." That was the man himself

I may just have to hang up on this because I really don't think anyone's going to be still listening to this now...

Except maybe some stalkers. Do I have any stalkers out there? Leave me a comment, I like being stalked. I don't really like being stalked, honest.

Right, I'm now hanging up, I think I actually know where it is but we'll post it on someone else's post. No doubt I'll be posting again at some point this weekend (?!) if my phone battery lasts out. Or we can post from Cat's house phone...

Right... bye!!

Everybody? Bye!!!!

You don't have to wave Cat, it's not a video phone!
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