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I've been not getting birthday notifications lately so I'm sorry to have missed out peeps!

but today it is the birthday of two lovely ladies: angelnetgirl (who will be spending the majority of her b-day on yet more buses...) and the cracktastic unhobbityhobbit - have a fantabulous squee filled day girls!

wenchpixieWench!! your latest post isn't showing up on my flist again. It was and now it's not. But I can still see it so you've not filtered me out... eljay hates me apparently. This explains why I keep missing your fic. *grumbles*

And eljay is doing something weird, now and then I seem to be getting some random page which has bugger all to do with eljay - has they been hijacked or has SA done something stupid again?

OH!!! The point of this post (as if the sleep deprivation was not enough...) was to wish the girls happy birthday and also to give big squishy hugs to smeckles90, unhobbityhobbit and wenchpixie for attempting to transcribe the rather insane voice posts. I'm thinking there could be more voice posting in the next couple of days so...

Tags: flist love, lj
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