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Spammity like woah...

I'm flailing a little because my damn Kodak EasyShare camera is not being very easy with the sharing... I can't get the software to work which means I can't upload my images from my camera which means I have all these pictures of Steve on there and can't get them off... I will though, if the worst comes to the worst I can go up to sister's house at the weekend 'cause she has a EasyShare as well.


Also, the video files from angelnetgirl's camera are worrying me a teeny bit. I had trouble transferring them this morning from the camera to my PC and I wasn't really awake at the time, but they don't seem to be complete files. aditu_az and angelnetgirl? Tell me there are complete files there? Please?

But on the plus side, I leave in just under an hour to meet up with wenchpixie and then it's back on the bus for a while! And... randomly, my friend Gil (the girl who did the Race for Life this year, known to the BBBers amongst you as BibbleGal) emailed me today with the subject line:

Blummin Eck - Steve Carlson

She'd seen Steve walking down the street, had no idea he was in the country, and after I squeed at her a little and told her off for not having an LJ, I convinced her to see if she can get a ticket! She's emailed Eric (Kane manager) and has the Barfly number so the girl I haven't seen in *forever* and who I ran a site design company with for a while, might be able to come to the gig as well! Yay!

Anyways... I'm off to go pack now that my jeans are finally dry!
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