the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Voice Post:

641K 3:17
“Hello! This is _doodle [I think] I'm shamelessly taking over Shona's voice posting because she is mmmade of awesome [high-pitched sqeaking] and that was her screaming. [something about having a couple of beers] So, what happened was, Wenchpixie wrote a note to Steve that was saying he should come to Scotland and he was invited to Scotland by all of Scotland, and the Duke. And when they gave him a shot they gave him the note and he read the note and he was like "everybody in Scotland?" and we were like "yeah! Yeah we got everyone to sign it, everyone agrees you should come to Scotland, including the Duke!" And then he got talking to Shona and then Wenchpixie put in the fact that Shona had been down to the Monday gig and all the hoo-ha and the no-sleep and the travelling overnight on the busses and going back and doing a day at work and coming back down on the overnight bus and again having no sleep. And, aside from the fact she was taking over the entire show, Steve was incredibly awkward [?] and he said "ah well, that's really cool. We shouldn't take over the entire show, but do you want a song?" And Shona said that she wanted the U2 song he sang on the Monday and he says "oh well, I can't do another cover right now but I will do it later." And he then sang a song. But then later when he started singing the U2 song he went "Oh fuck, I don't know the words!" and then he looked at Shona and said "What are the words?" and she was like "well, you got the words right!" and so he started singing it again. [incomprehensible] Fucking hell, I can't speak! I feel the need to reiterate that fact and now we're both bouncing out by the bus stop like complete and utter fucking nuts because she is made of awesome and has had the best experience with Steve ever, ever, ever, ever [etc.] Ever! And now I'm gonna give you to Shona.

Anyway, also, _doodle is just also made of awesome because, because she said that for me because there was no way I could articulate this at all because Steve! Fucking hell! Fucking hell. Steve, Steve, Steve, [etc.] oh my fucking god. I'm swearing quite a lot right now. Sorry, I do apologise to anyone who is offended by swearing on my LJ but, yeah, I should probably go now and articulate this properly later on. Oh my god! And I was doing the whole stewarding thing [list of many stewardly duties such as helping a girl with crutches] I'm not a steward! I was here at the gig. We're getting on the bus right now... no we're not. I wasn't a steward, this wasn't a convention, why the hell was I doing stewarding-type-things? [people talking over one another, and Steeeeeve-ing in the background, not quite sure what's happening there] I'm just gonna squee right now. I'll post again properly tomorrow when I'm, again, sober because yes, I've had a little bit too much to drink. Okay, I'll speak to you all later, bye!”

Transcribed by: unhobbityhobbit
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