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Way behind on flist, haven't answered comments yet but I will, but... Link me to anything you really want me to see? I get the feeling LJ won't let me go back far enough...

first impressions meme thingy - yeah... I's scared!

My car is now officially broken. The fanbelt is hanging off and the engine is overheating all the time. I have to borrow my sister's car to get into work tomorrow and she has a stupid computerised MPV thingy (Renault Megane Scenic). I hate her car, I can't drive her car... ("Dude, I feel like a freaking soccer mom!")

I have no clue how I'm going to be able to pay to get my own car fixed because it's going to cost an absolute fortune. I was hoping to get it patched up and trade it in for a new car soon but I can't trade it in before I get it fixed... Joy!

So yeah, go tell me what you first thought of me? And link me to yours so I can reciprocate if you've done the same?
Tags: car woes, flist love, meme
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