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I realised this morning that I had until Sunday to post the remaining ficlets/drabbles for fic_variations' July prompt (Four Seasons, I claimed Lindsey). Not a problem except... I'm not going to be online after I leave work this evening until I get into work on Monday morning.

So I've spent the day drabbling/writing and man it's therapeutic!

Here's what I've come up with so far (and given that it's only twenty past two and I've got two claims in for the August prompt I may be adding more!)

Primavera - Lindsey contemplates the significance of Spring (drabble)
l'Estate - Hell isn't other people, it's summer in suburbia. Lindsey's out, but right now he wants to go back...(drabble)
Free Fall - It's sense memory, Lindsey knows that, but the kid smells of fall and it's his favourite time of year... (SPN crossover slash ficlet)
Winter - Nothing world-shattering happened that year, but Lindsey's world changed forever. (drabble)


Telling Stories - X5-493 (Ben)'s psychoses run deeper than anyone knew. (pre-series Dark Angel drabble)
Tags: drabble, fic: ats, fic: da

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