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I lied. I have to post this, I'm sorry...

So something's up with my webmail access to my moments-lost email account and it seems to have... been deleted. The admin @ one is still active (and that's the point of contact for all the sites (INAP, DX, BX, FX, Sineya and others) but the shona @ moments-lost one is gone. And for some reason I can't set it up again. I have contacted my hosting company (who were great but who now... kinda suck, I may be moving hosts sooner than I anticipated) but what with my lack of access at home, I don't know when/if it'll be fixed. I haven't been able to set up any new moments-lost email accounts at all and there's something seriously screwy there.

So... if you have been using shona @ to contact me, or it's in your address book, then I haven't gotten any of your emails since last Friday.

Please update your contact with the following email address:

shona [at]

Or if you use my Gmail account, that works too.

Sorry about this!

(Since I am the point of contact for all of the sites and I know there are people not on my flist who check my LJ from time to time, I'm leaving this unflocked, but not making the email address a link in a (probably vain) attempt to avoid spam.
Tags: computer woes, gimme my broadband back!
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