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Families - who'd have them?

I don't have much of a life, I'm the first to admit that, my weekends usually involve going out on Fridays, spending Saturday with my sister and her kids and Sunday's I chill in the house and write or doodle or whatever. Yesterday I didn't spend time with my sister, I was up at her house on Thursday night and I was out with a friend yesterday so it just never happened.

I get up this morning, fully intending to chill out, spend time walking the dog, catch up on fic I've missed out on during the week and get some writing done. So, the CD's on, I've checked the emails, second pot of coffee is ready to be made as is my lunch when I get a call from my sister asking when I was coming up to see them. I explain I probably wasn't going to because I had a million things to do in the house and she starts guilt-tripping me about how my nephew's been looking for me all the house. It's probably true, I've heard him throw tantrums when someone goes to their front door and it's not me. It's all very sweet and I adore both he and my niece but good grief do I not get to have my own life?

I know it sounds petty but she convinced me to go and spend an hour or two with them just so I could drive them to B&Q and then she keeps telling me that if I leave before my nephew finishes his lunch he won't finish it at all so I stay for a while longer. It's now 3.30 pm and I've done no writing whatsoever today. I'm looking at the notes I have for the next part of WaDaDM and I'm so not in the mood to write it anymore!


Don't get me wrong - I love my family, I love spending time with them but every now and then (most weeks it seems) my sister manages to get me to change my plans to suit her plans....

Again I say gah!
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