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I'm not the fittest person in the world, in fact, I'm probably the definition of couch potato these days. I haven't gone running since a cyclist knocked me over at the start of the year, my treadmill in the house is folded up and leaning against the wall of my spare room, my step machine makes a great coat stand in the hall and my bike is rusting out at the back of the house and has been for over a year now.

With the car in the garage though, and Sis needing her own car back this week, I have to get the train. Which is a five minute walk from my house (uphill on the way home), and only goes into the city centre so I have to walk along to the underground station (Central to St Enoch's) and then at the other end walk up Great George Street which is only around six blocks long, but the gradient? It's almost a vertical uphill walk first thing in the morning.

I now can't breathe. Really, I've been coughing and choking since I came in this morning and it's not getting any better at all...

But on the plus side, I'm trying to be healthier as well. This is day seven of reduced meds, it's day three of no alcohol, it's day three of me actually cooking proper food instead of heating things up (like pizza...) and not having biscuits (cookies) or crisps (chips) in the house so you never know, it could be a whole new me soon.

I'm also cutting down on caffeine. I'm not going cold turkey on it 'cause last time I did that my head nearly exploded and I couldn't stop shaking for three days, but I'm only having two cups of caffeinated drinks in a day - usually coffee - and the rest of the time I'm trying out herbal teas. At the moment I'm liking this camomile, spearmint and passion flower mix that I picked up at Tescos on Saturday but we'll see how long that lasts.

I slept this weekend. I don't know if it's because the side effects/discontinuation effects are evening out or if it's because I haven't had a beer all weekend. If it's the first then that's great, if it's the latter then I should have done this a long time ago.

I know I've said this before and it's come to naught, but I'm trying to make things better.

I have no idea why I'm posting this, I guess I just needed to say it maybe?

For INAP - I just logged into PayPal and Hotmail this morning and have a lump in my throat - thank you all so much! I currently have 162GBP, which is more than enough to stay with my current webhost and only a little shy of moving to the DreamHost offer - thank you all once more! I'm completely blown away by this.

Most of you have commented that you would prefer any leftover money to be used/saved for future hosting costs rather than given to charity so I think that's what we'll do for now.

I'll sort out the details properly later on today - those of you who have donated money, would you prefer your donations to remain anonymous? I would love to be able to thank you properly for this but respect your wishes completely (including keeping RL names masked).

ETA thedothatgirl - I got your email this morning, I also have my final shortlist for the AVAs, oddly enough they're more or less the same titles as you but in a slightly different order (go on, act like you're suprised!) and I only picked three from the Wildcards - will email you as soon as I can!

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