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Damn you wenchpixie

I was all set to work on some drabbles and you posted a damn meme!

Apparently when you see this on your flist you are obligated to post it. Wait... that's like a chain mail threat isn't it? Is a puppy going to die if I don't post it? Huh?

I should break the chain really, but dammit, I already thought it all up so...

10 things that make me grumpy (Only 10?!!)

1 – Intolerent/thoughtless people
2 – Idiots (I was going to say numpties but I figured I'd spend the rest of the day explaining that!)
3 – Being stuck in work when it's sunny outside
4 – people who say "smile, it's not that bad!" when it is that bad and the last thing I want to do is smile.
5 – Nestle now owning Rowntree Mackintosh. I miss Kit Kats.
6 – Education students and their inability to find *anything* in the library
7 – Cold callers from call centres. I signed up to ex-directory for a reason you know…
8 – My sister's attitude
9 – Virgin Media cutting off my broadband without warning. In fact, Virgin Media full stop.
10 – Spoilers. (And people telling me it's not a spoiler when it clearly is…)

10 things that make me happy

1 – my friends
2 – the smell of summer rain
3 – my youngest nephew calling me Nona
4 – all of my nephews and neices
5 – the feeling I get when I actually complete something
6 – lazy autumn days
7 – fandom
8 – Green & Blacks Maya Gold chocolate
9 – Seeing people I care about happy
10 – Good music.

Right, now I'm off to go get inside Ben's head for a while. Someone make sure you have Carstairs on speed dial?

ETA Good grief I've not only posted twice today, I've also edited each post...

Anyway - for my reference: fic_variations tally
Ben - 5/5
Faith 1/5
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