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INAP & Moments Lost

Right, to keep people on track with where I'm at right now:

Money donated thus far: $373.02 (after currency conversion and PayPal charges)
Price of hosting package: $382.80* (although I have a referral from an existing user which should mean a discount - even if not I think I can manage the ten dollars)

Now the question - the simplest way to do this would involve a little downtime on the sites. This downtime could be up to two weeks for the registration process of the domain name to go through.

I could on the other hand work out a no/limited downtime schedule using a more complicated system which (since it's me) could be a little more prone to errors which could be corrected quickly.

So - which would you prefer? The sites to go offline completely for up to two weeks (hopefully it would be nowhere near that long in reality) or for the sites to remain online but potentially glitchy?

Either way submissions, reviews and new sign-ups would be switched off for the changeover period so as to ensure that everything is transferred.

*This is for a two-year package
Tags: i need a parrot, inap, websites

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