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Dreamhost - why are you doing this to me?!!

First you tell me I can't transfer a domain which means it's going to take longer than I expected because I need to register a whole new domain which means the URL's gonna change.

Second, your 'wiki' support site says I can pay by PayPal which is one of the main reasons my credit/debit cardless self chose you. So why are you now telling me in the payment page that you're only taking credit cards via Google check-out or cheques/money orders. So because I don't have a credit card I'm going to have to get a banker's draft or money order - either of which will cost me another £18.

Third, you tell me that if I pay by cheque or money order then you won't even start the process until you've received payment which means the registration will take even longer because hey, sending overseas takes time.


So yeah, my slightly optimistic comment that the site shouldn't be offline for too long was a little... wrong.

ETA okay now I'm confused. Is a Money Order the same as a Postal Order? I phoned my bank and they say there's an £18 charge for a banker's cheque, I checked the post office site and there's an £18 charge for an 'international money transfer' but then there's the mention of the Postal Order and it's an £8.something charge. Is that a money order?

Okay, I went down to my bank there and have ordered a foreign currency draft. It'll be sent out to me in seven days. I then have to send it to the US and it could take a couple of weeks to get there. Then they have to start the registration process etc so it's looking like the sites will be offline for the whole of September at this rate. Sorry.
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