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Websites Update

All of the auto-archive sites attached to the Moments-Lost domain are now set to maintenance mode. That means that you cannot update, edit, delete, read, review or sign up to any of the sites at the moment.

I've backed up all of the files to my own computer*, I've backed up the MySQL databases, and theoretically it's all ready to start from scratch with the new host.

The only slight problem is that because of payment methods, my current account is going to expire before the new one is set up. That means the changeover will not be as smooth as I had hoped, nor will it provide me with a safety net. Since I suck at MySQL and since I remember having trouble uploading the databases to the current server as it is, I may be asking for a little help or advice a couple of weeks down the line.

Again I'll keep you updated!

inapadmin people? I've posted this over there as well but just in case it's not on your default view or something, you three will be able to see more than normal visitors to the site. Please do not make any changes to anything (either in your own account or in the validation queue) because it will mess up the backed up files.

* I got a weird message on my ftp programme while I was doing this yesterday. "The computer loves you. Trust the computer." I kid you not - I checked back through the status messages and it wasn't me imagining things - it really is there. SysAdmins, aren't they just the whackiest?!
Tags: effects of a troubled heart, hand on heart, i need a parrot, key to the heart, pointless nostalgic, websites
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