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Websites, White Knight Awards (yes, you read that right!) and random!

The international banker's draft finally (coke) arrived from my bank yesterday and is now in the post, winging it's way via airmail to the US to pay for the new webhosting package.

Unfortunately, my current package ceases tomorrow and even though air mail's good, it aint that good. So moments-lost will be vanishing as of tomorrow.

It will be back though - never fear!

And... in the meantime... to underscore the fact that I still love the Buffyverse and Xander in particular, I have decided to go ahead and launch round five of the WKA.

Yup, the White Knight Awards are back in a temporary location (which will remain active for the duration of round 5).

Go - take a look around and nominate all those amazing Xander fics and authors!

White Knight Awards: R5

I kinda won't be around for the rest of the weekend because I intend to get completely and utterly wasted tonight (in the company of other people - I realised that sounded more than a little hermit like there!). There may be a phonepost at some point in the next couple of days. I apologise for it in advance.


thedothatgirl - Sunday evening, I promise. I hoped they'd be done by now but... Sunday.
Tags: flist love, moments lost, real life, white knight awards, wka
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