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Fic & Writing MasterList

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic

Darkest Day Buffy & Xander friendship fic. Post-Chosen (complete, PG)
Put The Light On Buffy/Xander, post-Chosen (complete, 12A)
Twilight Buffy-centric songfic, immediately post-Chosen (complete, PG)
Alone All Along Faith/Xander, follow up to All Of Me. Post-Chosen (complete, 12A for language)
Gdansk For The Memory Faith & Xander friendship. Post-Chosen. (complete, PG)
Alone Time Scoobies. Mother's Day fic, post-Chosen. (Complete, PG)
Tis the Season (Whatever That Means) Scoobies. Post-Chosen. (complete (PG)
Happy In A Land Of Us Andrew-centric, post-Chosen. (complete, PG)
70 Questions for Andrew Wells post-Chosen (complete, PG)
Walk Away Dawn and Buffy, post-Chosen (WIP, PG)
Destiny (Redux) Xander-centric ensemble. Alternate season 6. (WIP, 15)
Tales From a Moroccan Knight Xander-centric, post-Chosen. (WIP, PG)
Final Straw Xander-centric. post-Chosen (WIP, 15)
Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way Faith/Xander. Season 3 AU. (WIP, 18)
What a Difference a Day Makes Buffy/Xander. Post-Chosen (WIP, 15)
Crimson Regret Xander/Faith, post-Chosen - continuation of All Of Me and Alone All Along. (WIP, 18)
Chaos Takes a Hand Willow, during Hallowe'en. (complete, PG)
Identity Crisis Dawn, post-Chosen. (complete, PG)
To Be Better Willow, season seven (complete, PG)
Language Barrier Dawn, post-Chosen. (complete, PG)
Run Faith & Xander friendship. Post-Chosen. (complete, PG)
Forbidden Fruit Willow/Jenny, early season 2. (drabble, 12A)
Darkness Follows Willow/Xander, Grave. (drabble, 12A)
21 Grams Willow/Xander, Grave. (drabble, 12A)
The Slayer Called Destruction Nhamo (OC) 1940s Slayer. (complete, 12A)
Her Own Path Faith, post-Chosen. (complete, 12A)
Dangling Conversations Xander/Willow, post-Chosen (complete, 12A)
Happy Birthday Dawnie Dawn & Xander friendship, post-Chosen (complete, PG)
Kinda Crazy These Days Willow/Xander, during Normal Again (complete, 12A)
Three untitled Xander drabbles
Flycatcher Xander/Faith, post-Chosen. (complete, PG)
Just a Weapon Faith, Dirty Girls (drabble, 12A)
Up Is Down Faith, Dirty Girls (drabble, 12A)
The First Move Faith, Dirty Girls (drabble, 12A)
One of the Good Guys Now Faith, Dirty Girls (drabble, 12A)
Dark To Her Light Faith, Dirty Girls (drabble, 12A)
Who Needs Routine? Faith, Empty Places (drabble, 12A)
Ready To Snap Faith, Empty Places (drabble, 12A)
Let The Music Take Her Faith, Empty Places (drabble, 12A)
Good Little Soldier Faith, Empty Places (drabble, 12A)
Two Of A Kind Faith, Empty Places (drabble, 12A)
Unwilling Shoulders Faith, Empty Places (drabble, 12A)
Whatever Happened to Miss Kitty Fantastico? Dawn, season 7 (drabble, PG)
Lacuna's Option Dawn, Xander - post-Chosen

Angel the Series fic

Can't Rain All The Time Faith-centric. During Five by Five. (complete, 15 for themes)
70 Questions for Illyria Illyria, post-NFA (complete, PG)
Nexus Cordy-centric. Season 4. (WIP, 15)
Quattro Stagioni Lindsey, season 2 (complete, 12A for language)
Crisis of Faith Faith, season 2 (complete, 12A for language)
Primavera Lindsey, season 2 (drabble, PG)
l'Estate Lindsey, post-NFA (drabble, PG)
Winter Lindsey, pre-series. (drabble, PG)
Tarnished Silver Faith, Orpheus (drabble, 12A)
How Does It Taste? Faith, Orpheus (drabble, 12A)
Easier Than Redemption Faith, Orpheus (drabble, 12A)
Mirror Faith, Orpheus (drabble, 12A)

Star Wars: EU

Where It All Started Mara Jade. 15 years before A New Hope (complete, U)
Stuck In The Middle With You. Mara Jade, mid-Thrawn trilogy (complete, U)
Just Another Ending Mara Jade, future-fic. (complete, PG)
Inner Strength Mara Jade, post-By The Emperor's Hand (complete, U)
Outside Looking In Mara Jade, during Thrawn's promotion ceremony. (complete, PG)

Serenifly fic

So Cold Simon-centric. post-OiS, pre-Serenity (film). (complete, PG)
Quarantine Kaylee, post OiS, pre-Serenity (film). (complete, PG)
He's Not Coming Kaylee, Zoe. mid-Serenity (film) (complete, 12A)
Take Me Out To The Black Simon, (complete, PG)

Supernatural fic

Sunrise one year post-AHBL, Dean. (drabble, PG)
It Must Be Bunnies season one, Sam & Dean (complete, PG)
Normality's Overrated season one, Sam & Dean (complete, PG)
Waiting (Save Your Life) pre-series, John & Sam (complete, PG)
He's Not There BUaBS, Jo, Sam (drabble, 12A)
Girls Like Her pre-series, Mary (drabble, PG)
Hunter Hunted pre-series, Jess (drabble, PG)
His Type pre-series, Cassie (drabble, PG)
What Needs To Be Done post-BUaBS, Sam (complete, 12A)
calls across a star-lit cost post-s2, Jo (complete, PG-13)

Dark Angel fic

Corporate Consumerism pre-season 2, X5-494 (drabble, PG)
My Brother's Shadow season 2, Alec (drabble, 12A)
Seeing Red X5-494, pre-season 2 (flashbacks in Berresford Agenda). (drabble, PG)
The Truth in the Dark Alec, season 2 (drabble, PG)
Blinking in the Light Alec, season 2 (drabble, PG)
Doesn't Get Better Than This Alec, season 2 (drabble, PG)
Feline Grace Original Cindy, post-FN (drabble, PG)
Perfect Sense Ben, Pollo Loco (drabble, 12A)
Telling Stories Ben, pre-series (drabble, 12A)
Blinded By Love Lydecker (& Ben), Pollo Loco (drabble, PG)
Muted By Fear Max (& Ben), Pollo Loco (drabble, PG)
the pain is gonna subside Logan (& Ben), Pollo Loco, PG)

Heroes fic

Stains Claire, season 1. (complete, PG)

Misc. fic

Semolina Pilchard Doctor Who, 10 & Martha (complete, PG)
The Test S.W.A.T., Chris (complete, PG)
Horse Lost, Charlie (complete, 12A)
Two Halves Don't Make a Whole Doctor Who, Rose (Rose/9, Rose/Mickey) (complete, 12A)
Not The Tin Dog Doctor Who, Mickey, School Reunion (complete, 12A)

Original writing (inc. poetry)

Gridwork. Stream of Conciousness
Dance  Poem, for conventioneers everywhere
The Girl Who Watched The Storm - Poem.
Metaphorically Speaking - Poem


Off Course Lost/BtVS crossover. Faith & Xander friendship. (WIP, 15 for language and themes)
Worlds Collide BtVS/SW:EU crossover. Xander & Mara Jade. (WIP, 15)
Lies and Dreams AtS/SPN crossover. Angel and Sam. (complete, PG)
Free Fall AtS/SPN crossover. Lindsey/Dean. (complete, 12A for theme)
Sweet Ride BTVS/SPN crossover. Faith/Dean. (complete, 12A)
Sweet Surrender BtVS/SPN crossover. Faith/Dean. (complete, 12A)
Sweetness Follows BtVS/SPN crossover. Faith/Dean. (complete, 12A)
Unavoidable Connections BtVS/AtS crossover. Xander/Lindsey. (drabble, 12A)
1+1=Tacos Doctor Who/AtS crossover, 10 & Fred (complete, 12A)
His Constant Companion Doctor Who/Sandman crossover, 10 & Death (complete, PG)
Who Lives In A House Like This? Doctor Who/Veronica Mars crossover, 10 & Veronica (complete, PG)
Like a Phoenix SPN/Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crossover. (complete, PG, crack)
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