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Rugby slash... Rugby is a game played by men with odd shaped balls.

I'm a rugby fan, this should not be news to most of you (union, not league, league is a waste of time as far as I'm concerned). The world cup is currently on, (Scotland have a crucial game in just under 4 hours) and I've watched a few games with wenchpixie and her friend D (who I'd really like to call 'my' friend as well 'cause I kinda think of him that way. I'm a library worker, he loaned me some books => we're mates right now in my book!) Anyways, D and I noticed that the commentary is rather... interesting.

All that talk of tackle and 'big strapping lads' and even hookers... if your mind's in the gutter, as mine is wont to be, then the RPS writes itself sometimes.


I just heard the most blatant piece of nonsensical slash commentary ever: "...if the Fijians have a plan and it's not just about the Fijians enjoying themselves with the ball in their hands."

And this comes scant seconds after describing one of the Fijian scrum-halfs as a "fine slab of Fijian meat".

(I need a rugby icon, anyone know where I can get sports icons?)
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