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I should be writing

Or possibly working on PhotoShop since I have graphics to make for people (Sweet Charity and AVA BotB as well as a new layout for my own journal and sites). Or maybe working on the sites.

So what am I doing? Watching rugby and drinking beer.

(and also taking off and putting on a thick woolly jumper depending on which phase of the fever/shivers I happen to be going through.)

I have no motivation right now! I was tidying my desks earlier to avoid doing this ficathon fic that's due this week and I found my list of prompts I still have to write. I suck.

And yes, I have two desks in my living room - the corner desk I'm sitting at right now with the computer and phone on it, and the 'craft' desk beside me which has my paints, sketchbooks and pencils, beads, canvases and currently my laptop on it. (Plus my guitar is next to it, this is my 'creative' part of the room I guess!)

So yeah... I should be writing. But I'm not.

*this pointless post is brought to you courtesy of Sho's boredom and a bottle of Froach*
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