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thrown across water like a stone...

I had forgotten just how awesome gUiLLeMoTs are. (Although I have issues with the Wikipedia entry for them calling them English, they're pretty much the definition of multi-national dammit!) I have just spent quite a while listening to the 'through the windowpane' album and again fell in love with the final track (São Paulo) which is just shy of 12 minutes long and is the most insane piece of musical masturbation* you will ever hear!

Anyways, the point of this post is to say I'm still alive, I have now watched 3.01 and will no doubt post up a review of it very soon, I also managed to sleep through most of Saturday. Huh. Can someone enlighten me as to the Australia vs England result? (speaking of, Top Gear starts back tonight - yay! - but it's up against the Scotland vs Argentina game - boo!)

I'm feeling decidedly random today, I have PhotoShop open and was planning on working on some graphics for layouts (my own, the sites and the Sweet Charity stuff) but now I want to write... I think because I had so much fun writing 'calls across a star-lit coast' (posted at fandomsbitca, I'm being too lazy to get the link right now) I want to get back into the game again. I'm still surprised with where that story took me, what started off a straightforward 'get the bad guy' tale turned into a whole big family (re)connection story coloured by the fact that I've been watching Due South in the afternoons all week. I do love it though, and I think I want to write more of Jo. She's intriguing to get to know - far more complex than I had previously thought.

I still can't get my FTP client to connect to the domain. I think there must be a setting on my main PC that's blocking it. I've tried it with and without ZoneAlarm, I've listed the client as an 'allowed' programme on my anti-virus software, I've contacted support and they've reset the domain 'machine'. I can connect through the WebFTP link so it's not a problem with the domain. I want to try it on my laptop but I left the power cord at work and the battery is almost depleted so it's not going to be possible until I get back to work (this week, no matter what, I have to go back this week or my brain will start to melt out of my ears). I did have similar problems with the old domain as well, but I always tended to use the laptop for site maintenance anyway so it was never really an issue. It will be sorted soon though, I promise, and the sites will be back by the middle of the month.

Okay, I'm procrastinating again now so I should probably go do something productive instead. Any ideas as to what that should be?

This post has been brought to you by the use of multiple parentheses.

*(had a discussion with thedothatgirl about jazz, which I like and she doesn't. She used the phrase 'musical masturbation' and it stuck with me.)
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