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drabble tag meme thingy

I swear it feels like I post more during hiatii than when I'm here all the time.

Anyways - aaronlisa and afteriwake have started up a little Supernatural drabble tag thingy. Basically, the first person writes a drabble and leaves a prompt, then the readers can choose to answer the prompt with a drabble of their own and a prompt of their own. Make sense? Good, 'cause my brain aint quite connected today so I'm pleased you're on the same wavelength...

aaronlisa started it off with Dean, Hallowe'en
I've answered her prompt of Dean/Layla, a highway
afteriwake answered with Sam, Forgiveness
aaronlisa answered with Dean/Jo, bitching about music
whiskyinmind answered with John/Mary, pre-wedding jitters (R rated, Het)
afteriwake answered with Dean & Tequila
iluvroadrunner6 answered with The first time Mary held Sam with no one else around and asked for Bobby and John's first meeting.

afteriwake also wrote Dean/Layla, highway
iluvroadrunner6 replied with Wee!Chesters fighting over chocolate
aaronlisa replied with Sam/Sarah Blake, didn't think I'd see you again
whiskyinmind replied with Winchesters, holidays
afteriwake answered with John, college funds
aaronlisaEllen reading Jo a bedtime story</a>
afteriwake answered with John and Ellen in the aftermath of Bill's death
aaronlisa answered with Sam and Jess's first date
afteriwake answered with Bobby and Ellen, a long night
aaronlisa answered with Sam & Dean leave the States to hunt a monster and asked for Jess finding out about Sam's secret past.

aaronlisa also answered with Dean & Tequila and asked for Dean, John - Dean's first hunt.

afteriwake also answered with John & Mary, pre-wedding nerves
aaronlisa answered with two of Dean's past one-night stands meeting in a bar and asked for Jo, Meg, a dark and stormy night.

afteriwake also answered with Winchesters, holidays
aaronlisa answered with Dean, a year after Sam died. and asked for Sam/Meg, a kiss before he finds she's a demon.

afteriwake also answered with Sam/Sarah, didn't think I'd see you again and asked for Bobby giving Sam the sex talk.

Go - drabble away!
Tags: drabble, fic: spn, flist love
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