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Multi-fandom drabble tag meme

In an attempt to keep myself distracted until I can see SPN 3.02, and inspired by aaronlisa's ongoing SPN drabble tag, I thought I'd throw it open here as well, but this time, multi-fandom.

Basically, I'll kickstart it all and leave a fandom as the prompt. If you can write me a drabble in that fandom (any character/pairing) then leave a comment and name another fandom of your own. Next person takes your fandom and writes a drabble and leaves a fandom in a comment to this post, and so on ad infinitum! More than one person can request a fandom but it would be very cool if each prompt was filled!

Only thing I'd ask is that you use the subject line to warn of ratings, pairings, etc. (For my own drabbles, I'm a stickler to the 100 word rule, but to each their own!)

Sound good?

How 'bout I kick off with Buffy the Vampire Slayer then? Gen, Buffy-centric, during Chosen

The power flowing through her was unbelievable. She finally knew what it was to be strong, not in the sense of bending – or breaking – steel bars with her bare hands, but in the sense of being able to face anything life threw at her.

She'd come full circle, she'd been here before. Not on this exact spot, but with these people. It always came back to them.

They made her strong.

A twist of fate or genetics or downright luck had made her the Slayer.

These people made her Buffy.

With them, she could take on the world. And win.

My fandom prompt: Heroes.

Tags: drabble, meme
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