the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Not a proper review or reaction at the moment 'cause I need to watch it again for that.

More... a reaction to our newest cast member.

I was spoiled for this episode, but only for the 'is Dean a daddy?' aspect (which was actually the tagline of the article I chanced on the first day I was doing the news over at spnfencentral) not for our mysterious stranger.


After last week?

I totally called it!

I *knew* she was demon, c'mon, I came up through the Whedonverse genres and season three is the time to start introducing the "not always black and white" angle. I so wish I'd posted a reaction to 3.01, which I wasn't particularly a fan of although not because Dean was OOC (he wasn't, to me), because now you think I'm just saying this. But seriously, Mysterious Stranger moved too quick, she had the whole focus on on the fight thing, the 'magic' knife. She was the archetype Mary Sue... unless you thought she might be a demon.

Which she is.

Go me! Four years of training in how to read media didn't go to waste! I picked up on it!

(I will say that when I heard blondie was going to be added to the cast as a 'hunter' (first spoiler I read inadvertently way back just after AHBL2 aired) I did worry about the "Evil Leaper" syndrome - but then, I'm of an age to remember Quantum Leap in its first run rather than as a time-filler on the secondary channels. I'm so relieved they didn't go down that route.

But... if they eventually go down the route that Whedon/Noxon did with Spike? I will not be a happy bunny.

(I want a mini!me icon with Dean and Ben, because seriously? Too cute for words!!!
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