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10 years ago..

10 years ago I wanted to sit Tarantino down in a room just to hear him talk about films. 10 years ago, I left uni with an honours degree in media.

Today? I'm watching the Culture Show on BBC2 (which y'all should watch, it's awesome) and seeing Tarantino on there, I still want to sit him down and talk about films. And music. And life. And... everything.

Seriously, I went to uni to learn how to do this stuff and now I'm working in a library in a menial job, Tarantino worked in a video rental shop and is now one of the most admired directors out there.

I want to hear him talk. To me.

yeah... playing with my layout, it'll be sorted soon, I promise!
Tags: films, random, things i should be doing, this is not my life
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