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I Need a Parrot

I Need a Parrot is coming back very soon, I'm just tidying up some things and it'll be ready. In the past, we had four admins to validate stories and ensure the site was running okay and no one was abusing the system.

So here's where I ask for some help. Existing admins? Are you still willing and able to carry on with the task?

Would any one else be willing to be added to admin duty?

You would be required to read all submissions to the site, no matter the category, so that may include pairings you don't particularly like or agree with, genres that cover everything from crack humour, to explicit sex, to extreme violence. Basically anything that someone somewhere has written is accepted on the site (except RPF and RPS). If you feel you could do this, then please comment here - I'll screen comments for the moment - or email me at mara_sho @
Tags: i need a parrot, inap
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