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Icon meme

The icon meme thingy. m'tired, m'going to sleep now (only got about 3 hours broken sleep last night) and I can't find the instructions.

Comment and I'll pick some of your user icons, you explain 'em to me, then you post the proper instructions to your own journal and it goes round LJ like... a meme! *grins*

charlies_dragon asked about:

Honestly, I looked at my userpics one day and realised that while I had Xander icons and Faith icons, I had no general BtVS ones any longer. So I went and made one from a season one promo picture. I tried to make it look a little like an old scrapbook because it's the kind of mood I was looking for, treasured memories as it were. Not sure if it worked though!

I played the guitar as a teenager and then ended up having to give it up in my early twenties. I started again a couple of years ago and every time I get frustrated with it I look at this picture. It's seeing the world in a slightly different way and being inspired by it. I tend to use this when I'm talking about how much I love music in general, rather than any specific artist.

I love Terry Pratchett! I saw this on my flist once and had to have it. Pratchett's Discworld features all the fantasy staples of wizards, dwarfs, trolls etc, and lately... a computer called Hex. Which won't work if the mouse that lives in it doesn't get enough cheese. I use this icon when I'm annoyed with technology, which sadly is far too often these days!

Hee! Made by martoufmarty during the incredibly long hiatus between Doctor Who seasons (seriously, there's only 13 or 14 episodes a year... it's a nightmare waiting for the next lot to start!) She made a whole bunch of icons like this with suggestions as to what we could do during the break, I loved this one because it's non-fandom specific - and that's what I tend to use it for. When I'm talking about fandom in general rather than specifically.

The second animated icon I ever made (and it shows with the off-centre cropping of the I'm Significant! frame) I just love the... emotion I guess. Sometimes I just feel like I'm shouting at the top of my lungs, and then I realise that I'm not the only one, I'm just one voice amongst millions. It kinda grounds me I guess?

Poor emo Simon (Serenifly). He's so busy looking after River and then the rest of the crew that he never gets time to enjoy himself. I loved this cap and when I saw the crop on this icon I just had to use it. It's one of those moments where it feels 'real', you know?

The wonderful and talented emeraldswan made this icon for me, she surprised most (or all?) of her flist with icons based on our user info interests and this was one of mine. I've also 'played' Xander in a couple of RPG's opposite emeraldswan and had an absolute ball doing it - so my happy place is knowing that emeraldswan made this for me from my favourite BtVS character.

Wow, I sound sappy tonight!

bellatemple asked about these ones:

 (because she wanted to know who Steve is.... silly Bella...)

Yeah... Steve would be Steve Carlson, who is a hell of a musician in his own right, and who I first came to know through his coming to conventions in the UK along with Christian Kane, with whom he forms the core of the band Kane. (Wow, that sentence almost got away from me there!) Anyways, Kane were over doing a few gigs in England this year and I unfortunately couldn't get to go. So the lovely aditu_az half-joked with me that she'd get him to call me from the gig she went to. And she did. *huggles Cat!* Plus, Steve came back to the UK in July and I kinda... went a little nuts and basically camped out at both of his gigs, got chatting to him, got a song sung for me on the second gig, got very, very drunk on Steve's Jack Daniels and generally am completely and totally enamoured with Steve now! And Dude!! Steve!! ON MY PHONE!! is pretty much all I could say for about a week after I spoke to him that first time on my phone. (the icon I'm using right now is me (with the shorter hair that wasn't as ginger as it looks), Steve, Cat (aditu_az) and the bottle of Jack Daniels....)

I get such a kick out of knowing that David Tennant (who this picture is of) is a biger Doctor Who geek than I am. Seriously, he is a *major* fanboy for that show, and this t-shirt was bought for him by Billie Piper (Rose) partly as a joke, and he wears it. I just think it's hilarious!

Yeah... I'm a geek, right? You all knew this? Well... monkey_matt actually made this and hosted a little contest on his LJ with a prize for the first person to get what it was. I didn't have to think. Does that make me sad? It's Aurek-besh. The written form of Basic, from the Star Wars universe and it says "Star Wars Geek". *grins*

deirdre_c posted a fic-type study during season one of SPN called "20 Things Sam Winchester is not allowed to do" which is kinda awesome as it is, and then alazysod iconised them and since I snorted with laughter when I read #14, I had to have it as an icon. I tend to be quite cheeky and use it when I'm posting John graphics...

This is actually a quote from the Empty Child episode of Doctor Who, Nine is talking to the kids who've snuck into a house for food during the air raid and he says that. I made it during the time I was trying to get my head around getting text to look right on icons and I liked the effect of this one.

I was so lucky that people let me use their photographs to make icons from after the June 2007 Kane gigs in the UK. I love this one, because the look on Chris's face is just so inscrutable and, knowing Steve, I can imagine him winding Chris up to no end. Basically I just love the shot, it's kinda moody but knowing the boys, also kinda funny.

(saving the bottle one for last, 'cause it's a loooooong story!)

One of the best things about SPN is the way the boys convey that moment when everything changes. This icon kinda captures that pretty well. The reason I use it? Pure reaction to fandom. Almost as soon as the final episode of season two aired, people started flailing as potential spoilers leaked out and it got incredibly nuts for a while. So yeah, I use it when SPN fandom starts to get a little scary (which is quite a lot of the time these days!)

*grins* I just love that moment in the episode Tooth & Claw. With Tennant being Scottish as it is, it's always felt a little bit odd to hear his (pretty damn good) English accent, so when he came out with that in his own voice? I squeed. I have simple pleasures sometimes!

Again another reaction to fandom icon. I have more of those than I actually thought about before now! Tara's line from Triangle just seemed to work really well and I loved the way the icon looked so...

From the Dalek episode of DW, but made after the end of s1, this was one of those icons that almost made itself in a way, the crop suggested the colouring and the lyric just came to me out of the blue. The futuristic/utopian feel of the 80s lyrics seemed to be an ironic echo of Rose's position at the end of the season - with Nine gone and this strange guy with his new teeth in his place, she's got to wonder if it was all a dream.

Everyone needs an angry icon, this is my 'why are people so stupid?!' one. From the Serenity gag reel, so that everytime I use it, it conveys my frustration with people but also makes me smile a little from the associations.

Me. Steve. Cat (aditu_az and The Bottle. *grins*

Okay, so, here's the story. After the gig in Putney I ended up chatting to the bar manager (the Lovely (and ever-so-slightly-creepy) Kirk at the bar, I turned at one point and almost knocked over this bottle of Jack Daniels, which was about two thirds full and had a straw in it. I made some flippant comment about someone being thirsty and Kirk informed me it was Steve's. There was a bunch of other things there as well which indicated that it probably was. Cat came up about this point and Kirk basically gave us the bottle and we... finished it. Quite quickly if I remember right (and god knows how I have any brain cells left after that!) and Kirk signed the bottle to confirm that it was Steve's. About ten minutes later, we were chatting to Steve and we apologised for finishing his bottle of Jack. He denied all knowledge of it in that twinkly way he has and we managed to get him to sign the bottle anyway. is the full size shot of the bottle taken the next day in Cat's kitchen. (Cat still has the bottle.) The picture the icon is made from was taken by annemiek81 and is probably one of my favourite pictures that I'm in, because although it's posed, it's posed for another camera and therefore is as close to candid as I get on film... *grins*

So yeah... Steve, Me, Cat and an empty bottle of Jack Daniels - it doesn't get much better than that... *grins wickedly*
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