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Been busy

Been busy this weekend, hanging out with friends, generally enjoying life for a change, and of course launching the sites - most of 'em, there's another to come once I get some issues with it sorted - and I've not really been online much. Or at home much. Or.. basically contactable. (The ducks might track me down if I give any more details...)

I did do the soundtrack of my life meme thingy when I got in last night, but I posted it privately which was so not sensible at all so...

(Put your iTunes or other music player on shuffle/random and for each 'moment' list the song that's playing. Don't cheat and find the 'cool' songs, otherwise what's the point?

Opening Credits: Groove Armada - Dusk You and Me (Okay, so my film starts with random pseudo-jazz that's designed as chill out music but mostly makes people fall asleep? okay...)

Waking Up: Ocean Colour Scene - 40 Past Midnight (well, I am an insomniac for the most part so, I guess that works)

Falling in Love: Will Young - Switch It On (Um... yeah. Look, I like Will Young, okay? He's quirky and funny and is an okay singer)

Fight Song: Gun - Stand In Line (*grins* I swear this isn't faked, this really is the order these came up in)

Breaking Up: The Futureheads - Favours For Favours (probably one of the most upbeat and cheerful songs in this list!)

Prom: Green Day - Give Me Novocaine (Yeah... that must be a pretty bad prom!)

Life is Good: Elvis Costello - So Like Candy (don't believe the title, this is a song about a completely unreliable flaky girl who the singer knows is bad news but she's like an addiction. Is that my definition of life being good?)

Mental Breakdown: Ultravox - We Came To Dance (*grins evilly* Okay, so I'm not a fan of synchronised dancing, I wrote a poem about it once. I hate the macarena, YMCA, the Slosh, the Alley Cat, line dancing, all convention dances. This song? Is robotic. "we came to dance//the piper calls out a different rhyme//he cracks the whip and we step in time" It's pretty much my definition of a situation which is most likely to drive me insane!)

Driving: Portishead - Sour Times (When my car was running, I tend to have almost Dean-like music to drive to. Upbeat, rock, not Portishead...)

Flashback: Franz Ferdinand - Michael (kinda fits I guess!)

Getting Back Together: Matchbox Twenty - Disease (I'm thinking this 'getting back together' is not a healthy move somehow...)

Wedding: Snow Patrol - Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking (Um... yeah, assuming I'm marrying the person I got back together with? This song does not bode well!)

Night Before the War: Beverley Knight - Shoulda Woulda Coulda (Well, I guess if there's a war, that's something to have regrets about? Probably not the bad marriage though.)

Final Battle: Lostprophets - Everyday Combat (I swear this is not fixed!)

Moment of Triumph: Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright - Set the Fire to the Third Bar (okay, apparently this celebration is going to be pretty dreary...)

Death Scene: Snow Patrol - Fifteen Minutes Old (how is that fair or even legal? I die fifteen minutes after I'm born and yet in the meantime I've fallen in love, broken up, gone to the prom, gotten back together, gotten married and gone to war?)

Funeral Song: Kane - Don't Come Home (Ah! It's all making sense now, I'm a zombie! I obviously wasn't a very good zombie since I was decapitated fifteen minutes after I was turned into one! And clearly the mourners are wanting to have a funeral for me, but they don't want me to come back so they're playing this so I'll get the hint.)

End credits: Elvis Costello - Beyond Belief (says it all really doesn't it?!)

I'm still looking for things to put in my user info by the way - give me a quote, tell me what you think of me, ask a question you want me to answer.


  1. Sooper sekrit ficlet (due within 24 hours)
  2. Sweet Charity graphics
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  4. spn_halloween fic
  5. Willow 'athon fic
  6. other website launch
  7. Fic 1
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  9. Fic 2
  10. (Fic 4 - may be a drabble)
  11. NaNoWriMo planning/finalising
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