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I'm not expecting the call you made...

Writing-fu? Where are you?

I know you had me on a mad writing spree last month and now you're mocking me with your absence...

Ficathon fic.


Other fics.

*opens Word and stares at the blank screen*

whiskyinmind: how is that quarter to already?! I've only written 32 words and they're sh*te
monkey_matt: What, all of them? Isn't that a bit repetitive?
whiskyinmind: different spellings, the occasional merde in there...
monkey_matt: I suppose variety IS the sh*te of life.
whiskyinmind: I have the most random question for you, which has nothing whatsoever to do with fic or writing, but has a lot to do with the fact that [eldest nephew] stood on my toe at the weekend and crushed in part of my boot. What do you call those things that you can put inside shoes to reshape/stretch 'em out?
monkey_matt: Potatoes.
whiskyinmind: I bet you think you're funny, dontcha?
monkey_matt *grins inanely across the room and nods*

(we've now found out what it's called, it's a Shoe Tree apparently)
Tags: conversations with strange people, writing
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