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I'm not really online right now. Honest. I'm really not.

I'm currently at wenchpixie's place, with a house full of fangirls, having an absolute blast. _doodle and hopeless_cynic are both up from Sassanachland and over the weekend kitty_cat89, smeckles90 and dolly_drops (and others) were here to help celebrate KittyCat's and Wench's birthdays. So there has been much laughing, giggling, making of biscuits and cemetary cakes (Cake and Death) and general nonsense. So although I'm popping up now and then online, I'm not really able to answer comments or emails or anything right now. I will, I promise, it just might take me some time!

Fics I've posted lately, in case you missed 'em, Lacuna's Option, a Xander-centric Dawn story, post-Chosen, written for emeraldswan's birthday.

More Than I Deserve - for spn_halloween, my first Teen!Chesters SPN fic, completely gen, and I even make myself go "awww!" on re-reading it.


NaNoWriMo... is currently still sitting at zero. Well, I did manage to get about 600-800 words done on Saturday before my laptop decided it was going to completely and utterly die on me, but I'm not too concerned because I have the hook and the story and it'll get itself sorted soon. I am a tad concerned about the laptop giving up the ghost, I may have to see if Wench has a monitor hook-up I can use to try to rescue all my files before I take it into a shop to get fixed (if that's even possible anymore).

Okay, I'm waffling now because for the... fifth day in a row I'm awake hours before anyone else and trying not to make too much noise. Damn it, why isn't everyone an insomniac like what I am?!


Like I said, I will catch up on the flist and comments and emails, but if there's anything I need to see, link me?

Oh, and hopeless_cynic? When you get up and get a chance to check LJ....

Tags: fic, flist love, nano, nanowrimo, random
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