the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Voice Post:

774K 4:03
“If Claire doesn't, Wenchpixie doesn't swear completely over this [everything gets a bit jumbled] This is the third time I've recorded this and since I'm on pay as you go this is going to cost me an absolute fortune. I was singing in an earlier post. But oh dear, the song has finished again 'cause I'm sitting next to the thing. Um, basically, what we were saying (shut up, Claire) was that Laura is trying to put me on her special filter and I don't seem to be on it because it's not showing up... because I'm not logged in, I just realised that. It's not showing up because I'm not logged in. I was about to say "if you type in my password, which is..." but that would be really stupid on a public post. (Do you remember?) Claire remembers that she can log in because Claire remembers my password, I will be changing it soon, I promise.

Yes, what I was going to say before all the alcohol and Claire... chewing a jug of water? Apparently came into play? Was that [noise in the background] shut up. Claire's birthday's today so [sings] happy birthday to you, Claire. I'm not singing any more because I've been singing a lot tonight because Claire's been teaching me to sing. And apparently I sing in my chest voice[?], which was the point of the post was that I was going to sing, but I can't sing.

[Shriek of frustration in the background] Haha! Claire got my password wrong! Ha ha ha ha haaa! Claire doesn't know my password! I'm going to log in now, so gimme a second. [sounds Sho apparently makes when logging in] And let's see if it comes up incorrect HAHAAA! I'm right, I got my own password right, yay! Go me! [some stuff happens]

This is... I didn't walk into the fridge! I walked into the gap between the fridge and the cupboard! I'm sorry, Ruth, because I have a feeling you might be the one that transcribes this, this is quite possibly the most random voice post in the world. EVER. Claire tried so hard, and hey! You might get me singing in a second. [some fiddling around with music, I think] Chris Kane is more comfortable on my chest. [some singing, but she can't remember the words] I'm really, really, really sorry, I can't remember the words. I'm going to hang up now, before I run out of credit on my mobile phone because I only just topped it up last weekend. I'm sorry, Ruth. I'm sorry, flist. I'm really, really, really sorry to anyone who thought I was even slightly sane. Claire's talking about people on her flist. [some shouting in the background] Emily is lovely and apparently she mentions Frank, so Laura loves her. Beth[?] is lovely. And Ruth is lovely. I've apologised to Ruth because I have a feeling she might be transcribing this. Frankie's really lovely too. I'm not going to go through your entire flist because there's 150-odd of them and there's 150-odd on my flist as well. [small discussion with Laura] Emily mentions Frank, Emily, we love you, you mention Frank.

Right, I'm going to go now because again, as I say, it is the most random thing ever and despite the icon, Steve, unfortunately, is not on my phone, unless you count the music in the background. Sorry! Byeeeeee!”

Transcribed by: unhobbityhobbit
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