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NUMBERS NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LYNDSEY#########



(& this is Laura: Sho & Wench are made of awesome. & slightly drunk - or in Wench's case, very drunk.)

But Sho is also very drunk, just better at controlling it. Or hiding it.

It's Wench's birthday though, so she's allowed to be drunk. It's true, she's nodding.

Sho says she's just an alcoholic (she's not). But she is mocking me for not being able to spell or type properly. At 4.57am. That would be in the morning.

& Claire loves me.

Sho does too but she's not being overly dramatic about it.

Claire hates Sho.

& Sho would like to apologise to her flist for the spamming. Claire doesn't apologise at all. So apparently you hate her, according to Sho. But Claire's fabulous, especially because it's her birthday.

Would you believe that I'm sober?

No, apparently not.

But it's what Nigella wants.

& now I have laughing fangirls.

On either side.

I'm trapped.

Send Jeff.


(I'd cope with any Winchester, but I'd just prefer John)

Sho's dead now.

Or maybe just hyperventilating.

Claire finds this very hilarious.

& Sho seems to like Steve.

& maybe Lindsey. But I'm not supposed to tell you that.

I don't know the other one, but I will find it out.


& now Sho hates me, which is a shame. 'Cause she is made of awesome, along with my flist, who I love.

But I will find out.

Anyone who thinks they could help, please let me know (I'm hopeless_cynic), or just comment to this post?

Claire would like to add a Mwahahahahaha.

I think that's all for now, & I'm off back to Sassanachland in a few hours, which sucks, but I do have a lot of work to do. Of the non making money variety. Oh well.

I'm going to post this now as Sho's just hurt herself & is now sobering up, so I'll post before she stops me.

But now she has a glass of Romanian Argentinian Transylvanian Sweet Wine, which is very easy to drink. & very nice.

But doesn't have any bodies.

According to Claire.

But we're not tempting her into the dark side of alcoholism, she was already there. But in a good way.

It was the only logical thing to do.
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