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I'm home!

Yay Home!

*looks around*

Okay, my house looks like it's been burgled but on the plus side, it looked like this last week. I really should tidy up a little, maybe get the dishes done before the new lifeforms forming in the sink take over the world. Yeah... I should, but right now I'm sitting watching the Rockford Files and posting to LJ. Yeah... that works!

Had a wonderful time this last week, spent most of it at wenchpixie's place to celebrate her birthday, kitty_cat89's birthday, and the assimilation of _doodle and hopeless_cynic into the joys of living in Scotland.

I did something this week which I think in retrospect may have hurt some of my friends. I meant what I said, I stand by it, but I shouldn't have been so blunt or sworn. To the people involved, you are and always will be my friend. Part of being a good friend is pointing out the things that need to be pointed out. Part of being me is that sometimes - a lot of the time - I do that in a way that can be inadvertently hurtful. I'm sorry if I hurt you, or angered you, or caused you any more distress.

That needed to be said, and no, I won't go into details because it's between me and two other people, so I'd appreciate it if it could be left alone now.

NaNo - still at zero, but talking to wenchpixie and _doodle in Wench's kitchen yesterday has re-ignited my love for the story I was writing last year. Paths Crossed. I've checked the rules, and it's okay to continue an ongoing story so long as it won a previous NaNo round - which it did. So, a week into November, I'm starting again. But the plus side is this: I love this story, I know this story inside and out, I know it can be written and I know I can do it. *grins*

Now I'm off to attempt to catch up with the flist and get some housework done before I start writing.

Tags: flist love, nano, nanowrimo
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