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SPN - Jensen interview

I saw this linked to in the comments of one of x5vale's posts, it's a scan of an interview with Jensen from a French magazine. I'm really sorry, I don't know who scanned it and put it online first of all (please let me know so I can credit you properly?) but anyway, I thought I'd translate it for those of you who don't read French.

The scanned article
Jensen's coming back in season 3 of Supernatural and he's still hunting demons. Taking time out of his busy schedule, he spoke to us about the evolution of the series and the new challenges that await Dean Winchester.

Q: Were you worried about the possibility that the show might not be renewed for a third season?

JA: Yes, absolutely. Jared and me were starting to get the feeling that all our work wasn't being appreciated for its true value. Happily, at the last minute, the CW network decided to give us another chance and we're going to continue making the show even better.

Q: To bring in a new audience, the show's creator has brought in two very pretty actresses. Can you tell us about that?
JA: Two new characters are going to be introduced in season 3. They are Ruby - played by Katie Cassidy - and Bela - played by Lauren Cohan. I've not yet had a scene with Katie Cassidy, because at the moment her character is mostly in contact with Sam Winchester. On the other hand, I've already played opposite Lauren, and I'll continue to work with her. She's an excellent actress. Fans are a little worried about the appearance of two girls in the show, but they are more enemies than allies for the Winchester brothers. They will not become the boys' girlfriends. Or in any case, that's not on the cards at the moment. Personally I was delighted to see them come in. I was getting fed up with constantly playing opposite Jared! It wouldn't matter to me if I never saw him again! [laughs]. I'm joking, we're still good, but it's true that always playing opposite one and another, Jared and I, we know each other by heart.

Q: The set is said to be one of the most agreeable/friendliest in television. Is that true?
JA: Jared and I always try to put everyone at ease, in particular the guest stars. When we're working like crazy, we relax and play jokes and laugh like idiots on the set. We don't always fly so high, but it lets us keep sane after 14 hours of hard graft.

Q: French fans have only seen season two. What's changed for Dean?
JA: Dean really bares his true emotions in the course of season two. He starts to question himself again, and he's asking for the first time if he really wants to carry on hunting ghosts. He gets the chance to see an alternate life where his mother was never killed by a demon. Fans get to see his vulnerable side.

Q: Are you superstitious?
JA: Not at all! My only superstition is not to keep my socks longer than two months! [laughs]

Q: You don't talk much about your private life, would you share something personal with us now?
JA: At the moment I really want to buy a dog. I've more or less adopted Jared's two dogs, who're always on set. Seeing him with his two puppies makes me really want to adopt one.

Q: You receive a lot of fan mail, what kind of things do the fans say to you in the letters?
JA: Most of the letters I get are really funny. In general, fans tell me that their houses are haunted and ask me to come help them get rid of the ghosts that are troubling them! [laughs]

Q: Who is your favourite guest star from the two seasons?
JA: Amy Acker who was in Dead in the Water. Frankly, I was expecting to hate her. She's Texan, like me, but she went to school at a rival high school to mine. We were always competing with them and, in sports, the teams from both schools hated each other. I was a little wary of our meeting again, but she's wonderful. We really got each other and, when she arrived, her performance in the episode was fantastic.

Q: Can you tell us a secret about Jared Padalecki?
JA: Jared can't stand still. He's constantly buzzing with energy and, when there are scenes that mean we have to stay in the same place for hours, it drives him crazy. It's real torture for him.

Q: What episode scared you the most?
JA: The Benders, because of the little girl who had one of the main roles. She's an excellent actress and she terrified me. In the scene where she throws a knife at me, I've never been so scared. She was straight out flippant!

Q: What would you like to change about Dean?
JA: Dean doesn't have a very high opinion of himself. He lives solely for his family, and he wouldn't hesitate for a single second to die for his brother. He's really a tragic character when you think about it... I would like Dean to get the idea the idea that his life has value, and he has the right to be happy.

My reaction: it's times like this that I hate the English language! I did my best translating idioms here, but a lot of the time the sheer humour is lost a little. But, I was translating this last weekend verbally for wenchpixie and _doodle and when I got to the bit  Le voir avec ses deux toutous me donne vraiment envie d'en adopter un. (seeing him with his two puppies really makes me want to adopt one) all of us just about melted into a big gooey mess in the middle of Wench's kitchen.

So anyway, enjoy, feel free to link around, and if someone can tell me who provided the original scan I would be forever grateful!

ETA D'oh! Me being a spoilerphobe, I forgot to say, that so long as you're up to date with s3, there's nothing spoilery in here!

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