the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

another new wallpaper

can't be bothered making a smaller version 'cause it involves using more brain cells than are active at the moment so...

Nothing Matters Angel wallpaper

ETA Thought you might want to know why I used the shots I did, if you don't I don't mind....

Loyalty - Wesley taking baby Connor away before Angel can complete the "father shall eat the son" prophecy

Sanctuary (or possibly 5x5) Angel comforting Faith after she begs him to recognise that she's evil, dammit.

You're Welcome - Cordy, back fighting the good fight where she belongs once more.

Not Fade Away - Anne, partly because I needed something to fill that little gap but also because she symbolised the quote with her "I'd finish packing the truck" comment, I couldn't not have that shot (although the colouring screwed up on me - thought I'd fixed it but it's still too red)

Not Fade Away - Gunn, back, helping out, because it's where he knows he can really make a difference.

The Magic Bullet - Fred, I hummed and hawed about using this pic, because I'm kinda anti-guns, but it's a big part of one of her shining moments so I used it. She sees the truth, and sets out to prove it.

Hero - Doyle, seeing the crystally light thing coming down, this is the moment he makes the decision to make a difference. To me this is a more poignant shot than the later ones.

Not Fade Away - Lorne, again a bittersweet one. This is actually from just after he shoots Lindsey. What he did matters, doesn't mean it was good.
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