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I hurt. Quite a lot.

I got to the garage yesterday afternoon, well, I got to the nearest train station to the garage and discovered I still had about a mile and a half to walk to get there. Around a harbour. On the West Coast of Scotland. The Atlantic coast. In November.

At least it wasn't raining...

So anyway, about quarter an hour later I made it to the garage, paid the man some money, rescued my mail box key (which has been on the car key keyring since August) and checked my watch. To make the train that would take me to my village, I would have to walk two miles in less than ten minutes. So I decided against it and thought, 'it's not raining, I'll walk home'.

Six, possibly seven miles. Along the sea front. Again, the Atlantic sea front. With nothing to block the winds. I got to the sign post saying welcome to my village and looked up. And up some more. That hill never looked so steep as it did yesterday afternoon. It's about twice again the gradient of Great George St in Glasgow which I walk up at least once a day to get to work. But asides from stopping long enough to let the traffic past so I could cross the road, I didn't pause. I kept going at a fairly healthy pace and I made up to my house just over an hour after I left the garage.

My feet hurt, my legs hurt, but I felt really quite good about myself.

This morning... I can barely walk. And of course my train was running late so I would have had to kill myself to be in by nine. And then I met monkey_matt on the underground. Or rather, he patently ignore someone trying to trip him up to get his attention. Yes, I am eight years old sometimes. And Monkey doesn't walk all that slowly...

It was probably a good thing, cause I figure I'd still be on Great George St right now otherwise but... ouch? And to cap it all... I just walked into my desk... that'll teach me to read printouts whilst walking...

so again I say... ouch?

(btw - *flails* people really seem to like do not go gentle... which, given that it's a character a lot of people dislike and the format (the vignettes) is a little odder than the norm, makes me flail quite a bit)

eta so I emailed a Jensen girl the link to one of the promo pics from Red Sky At Morning, she's just looked at it, grinned, turned round to me and said "And here was me thinking Daniel Craig was irreplacable". Jensen for Bond... in a few years, after the show's finished it's run, hell yeah!
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