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Bored now.




Why isn't it seven o'clock yet? (I say 7 because by then I should be home)
Why is there no beer in my fridge or wine in my house?
Why have I got nothing good to eat in the fridge or freezer?
Can I afford to treat myself to pizza and beer (and maybe even ice cream...)?
Will this day ever end?!

of course what I really want is...

Steak (blue). Lightly seared and with a roasted garlic and black pepper seasoning.
wild mushrooms, cooked in italian herbs and a little red wine (that jus then used to deglaze the steak griddle and poured over the steak)
breaded onion rings
steamed brocolli
mashed potatoes with wholegrain mustard and butter
roast potatoes (roasted in olive oil and Italian herbs)

Red wine (the Co-Op's Fair Trade Argentinian Shiraz for preference)

Apple Pie (the one we made for kitty_cat89's birthday was excellent) with a little Mackies' Ice Cream
Tags: boredom
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