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A public statement from an SPN fandom nobody

SPN fandom is still a young fandom, when I first came into it just over a year ago it was a genuinely welcoming place. Since that time, it is still welcoming but there have been more and more bumps in the road as the fandom grew up but certain parts failed to mature. BNFery was born, cliques emerged, and during the summer hiatus this year fandom apparently split into 'Them' and 'Us'.

This was news to everyone, and it has become a little bit of a standing joke amongst the SPN fans that I know that we are proud to be 'one of them' or that we're happy on 'the other side of fandom'. We don't make these jokes to confirm the sides, we make these jokes because it is a joke that there are sides in some people's opinions. From my limited interaction with the majority of SPN fandom it seems that most of these problems and bumps in the road have been instigated by one person, who would recruit the community she started up to support her in hate campaigns and trolling. I don't know this girl, I encountered her at the Asylum convention and didn't take away a good impression of her, but friends of mine do know her. Friends of mine have been horribly harassed and victimised by her and those people she can convince to support her.

Last night, the community she founded was taken over by the people she added as maintainers of that community. I don't know the whole story - partly because I am a fandom nobody, and partly because I was ejected from that community earlier this year (not for rule breaking or anything, I hadn't posted anything that resulted in my being booted out - it seemed to be based purely on the people I was and am friends with) - but from what I do know, this was not a betrayal or a rashly made decision. It was the result of a lot of heartache and ultimately a very hard decision which was more about protecting the community and had little to do with victimising the founder.

I have very little sympathy for the founder of the community for the way this has been done, and for the fact that it was done in the first place, because to be honest, she has brought this on herself by treating others in the way she has. She is exceptionally vocal and she and her flist are currently surfing around and trying to garner support in ways that are exceptionally hurtful to those whom she essentially left with no choice but to take the actions they did.

This girl gives fandom an exceptionally bad name, and from this little corner of SPN fandom I would like to add my voice to the many saying "She does not speak for me."

This post is public, however I am going to be screening all comments because I don't want it to become a place to bitch out anyone. If you don't mind your comments being public, then please let me know.

(for the Xander fans on my flist who don't know who or what I'm taking about here, it's the equivalent of the hypothetical situation of Tenhawk being ousted from XanderZone)

Edited at 15:56 GMT by my PC clock) There is now a post up at the community in question to say they are planning to hand back control of the community to the founder at noon EST. Personally I think this is a mistake and will lead to even more entitlement issues from the person who was ousted and (presumably) reinstated, but I completely understand why they are doing this given the amount of abuse they have gotten today.

I still stand by them. I support them completely in this and if they wish to found a new community then I will contribute to it.
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