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Take that gravity!

Haven't fallen yet today.

Admittedly I've not moved around much, so the opportunities for falling have been limited, but right now I'll take what I can get.

charlies_dragon? I've finished part of your home-made thingy - yay! kitty_cat89? I've started on yours - it's going well but slowly...

Everything else I was meant to do this weekend? Hasn't been done. I'm tired of forcing myself to finish things when they aren't ready to be done. Generally I'm just really tired.

So I'm taking this opportunity of time off work to try to stop being tired. If that means I spend a week sleeping, then so be it. If it turns out that I end up being more productive, then so be it.

Whatever happens I want rid of this randomised feeling of guilt I seem to always be carrying these days.

Wow, that got deep, basically I just wanted to say I'm going to be a little bit awol for a week or so till I get some things sorted out.

And I'm finding it incredibly funny that right now my default view of my flist is one post after another after another featuring a YouTube video of some film or other... Ten Inch something?


Tags: flist love, ouch, things i should be doing
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