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Can't. Stop. Sneezing...

You know, when you live alone, it's amazing how much crap builds up in your house... I'm guest-proofing my house (i.e. hiding all the embarrassing stuff and hunting out clean sheets and towels and things) and the amount of junk I'm pulling out of the oddest corners?!

Plus there's stuff I've been meaning to put up in the loft for ages (like my wallpaper pasting table and the decorations from last Christmas) but not got round to. I'm thinking ladders and labrynthitis don't really mix though. Maybe I could make a feature out the pile... a throw, some scatter cushions...

Right, while I'm waiting for Pushing Daisies to finish downloading, I'll be in the spare room clearing a path. If you don't hear from me for a while, send a search and rescue party?

(the sneezing is cause it's been a while since I hoovered in the spare room...)

Tags: real life
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