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bugger - I completely spaced on a ficathon fic! I knew it was due, I have it planned out, I was going to spend Saturday night and Sunday on it and now it's Monday and I've just remembered it. Crap. I will still try to get it done anyway because I like the story idea, and it's not a 'write for a specific individual' athon so I'm not really bailing on anyone, but I'm annoyed at myself for letting it slide.

I spoke to my sister this morning. There's been a bit of bad news in the family so she phoned me at work. I'm still processing the news at the moment so I don't know how I feel about the phone call.

So yeah. Things are happening in rl right now which are not good, and I've come to a couple of realisations about myself in the last week or so that are a little daunting. Again therefore I say this - I may be a little distant or potentially absent online for a while.

I could really do with some things to make me smile though - so feel-good fic recs, graphics, vids, whatever, all appreciated gratefully.

eta Hi-Vis vests FTW! Persistent door alarms need to be salted and burned... (fire drill in the library this morning, the first since the fire warden training. I got to shout at people. It was great. But the door's still not been re-set and the beeping is driving me insane)
Tags: real life, this is not my life
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