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A Message to Supernatural Fans

Let's make this fandom a place where people respect the cast, the crew, and each other

Discussion and debate are wonderful things. Flaming is not. Verbally attacking someone is not on, whether they're another fan or whether they're involved in the production of the show.

Share your views, but don't forget the simple fact that not everyone is going to agree. When someone says "wait a minute, have you considered X, Y or Z?" don't shout them down and attack them for being wrong simply because they hold a different opinion.

I know, I'm an idealist, I always have been. I know in my heart of hearts that we are not all going to get along, it would be naive to believe otherwise. What we need to try to encourage is an atmosphere where we can co-exist without flame wars and lists of hot-topics to avoid.

dodger_winslow is spearheading this idea and has this to say: Show a little love for Jensen and Jared in a way that communicates our solidarity as a fandom behind the simple idea that the guys deserve to be treated with RESPECT by their fans; and that all our many and varied expressions of fannish appreciation for what they do should reflect this one, simple, basic ideal.

So take the icon I'm using for this post (made by dodger_winslow), use it, the only way we can make fandom a nicer place to be is if we all work at it.

btw - the only reason I'm not changing it to my default icon is because I don't want people to think I've stopped supporting the WGA strike
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