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Websites update

(I know, I'm posting a lot today - sorry!)

...moments lost... - the main page of my website is now fully up - although two of the links are not quite active yet, they should be tonight.

...pointless nostalgic... (aka Fandom's Bitch) is my own personal archive. This is hosted on the ever-wonderful wenchpixie's domain rather than the ML server.

I have also created new syndicated LJ feeds for most of the archive sites

fandomsbitch - the feed for Pointless Nostalgic
handonheart_bx - the feed for Hand On Heart (Buffy/Xander)
keytotheheart - the feed for Key To The Heart (Dawn/Xander)
effects_feed - the feed for Effects of a Troubled Heart (Faith/Xander)
sineya_updates - the feed for Daughters of Sineya (Slayer-centric site)
saltandburn_rss - the feed for the Salt & Burn fic archive.

and the all important one - ineedaparrotrss - the new feed for INaP

There are still three one more to add so rather than spam you, I'll edit this post during the day once they're done!

(yes, I'm aware that the links up on the INAP one are slightly odd, it's cause I hadn't made a change in the admin pages. It's fixed now and all the links from now on should be the correct ones. Sorry!)
Tags: effects of a troubled heart, hand on heart, i need a parrot, inap, key to the heart, moments lost, pointless nostalgic, sites, websites
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