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We have a graduate trainee in our department who hates the place. Every year we get three of them and they stay in our department for four months to get an impression of what it's like to work in a library. It's not glamorous, it's often mundane repetitive work but it has it's plus points (from the GT's perspective, the fact that they're only in this department for four months has to be one of those!)

The first girl we got this year was fabulous, she could not do enough for you and was really enthusiastic about learning. She didn't mind the grunt work and was such a sweetie (she even bought all the supervisors a present each when she moved on to the next rotation - she went out to Forbidden Planet especially to buy me a Buffy book!). The guy we got next was just an annoying, irritating git. He left halfway through his rotation and it was no great loss to the world of librarians that he's decided not to make a career out of it.

So that leaves me with the little bint we've got now. (And I don't use that word lightly) She and I have never seen eye to eye, she is the kind of person who asks a question thinking she already knows the answer and therefore doesn't listen to what I'm saying. Prime example, she asked me what to do about five minutes ago, I say "Can you take the priority titles out of that tray next to the grey filing cabinet and put them through."
She says, "So how do I put them through?"
I reply, "The same as the ones you did last week, these ones are just the same it's just that they are priority ones that need to be on display as soon as possible."
She says, "So where are they?"
I somehow refrain from snapping, "They're in the tray next to the grey filing cabinet."
She gets up, walks over to them and says, "So why do these get done differently?"
I do snap this time, "They've got jobs sections in them, the readers need to access them as soon as possible."
She says, "So, do I just put them through the same as normal?"

It's not just me is it? She's either incredibly dense (which I know she's not, she's an Honours graduate) or she's trying (and today succeeding) in winding me up.

She's actually on our enquiry desk today which means she's dealing with requests from the library users both in person and over the phone. Everyone in this library gets a customer service seminar near the start of their contract, including the GTs. I've never heard anyone as bad on the phone as she is, she snaps, sighs, says "Well, I dunno." and generally makes the person on the other end of the query frustrated with her. There's no eye contact with people at the desk, a guy came up said "Good morning!" and she kept on typing and didn't even acknowledge him.

We've spoken to her about it but part of the problem with our department is that the big boss relies on statistics to let her know if things are working. The GTs stats are okay in everything that doesn't come from me so the boss thinks things are fine.


Oh, and I finally got given a date for when the swap-over of my job is. 2nd August. I was told it was going to be the 2nd July but no.... August. And I bet by then there'll be some other thing that comes up that means it'll get pushed back further....

I need coffee.
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