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X Factor semi-final

Niki - has an amazing voice, but honestly? I can't see her in the charts. We're seeing a resurrection of the 80s (which scares the crap out of me 'cause it was bad enough the first time around) but I don't think the 80s power ballad is coming back. And Niki is a power ballad singer.

Rhydian - definitely has a future ahead of him in musical theatre, but really, he is a gimmick. But then, what do I know, The Darkness made a fair bit of money from being a gimmick.

Same Difference - Is this a sign that I'm getting old? I don't get them. I get a creepy vibe off them. They're too bloody cheerful and hyper all the damn time. I'm with Louis Walsh here.

Leon. Ah, Leon... he's got a good voice, he can hit bum notes now and then but I really think that's because of bad song choices. He's singing at his 'breaking point' a lot of the time because of the choices, and he comes through all the time. He is a sweetie, he's doing this to give his mum a better life. He's talented. He's cute. He's a sweetie.

Vote for Leon.

I can't believe I'm actually making a post supporting a bloody reality TV show...

btw, I was listening to this song in the ad break because I think Leon would nail it if he ever got the chance. I was a Wets fan in the late 80s and early 90s. Marti Pellow has an awesome voice and Leon could match it.

Dude. Seriously? Leather trousers? WTF? And crediting "How Sweet It Is" to Michael Buble? *sigh* You're young Leon, I know this, but seriously...

People - he is better than this. Trust me.
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