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Meme! Writing...

So yeah, I haven't done this meme before because it always makes me feel a little inadequate because I never have the total count that others do. But hey, this year I figured why not? And I promise I will try not to have all of my answers be " not go gentle"

January - none

February - Run (Faith/Xander ficlet)
What Needs To Be Done (Sam ficlet)
Semolina Pilchard (DW 10&Martha)

March - Normality’s Overrated (SPN ficlet)

April - Waiting (Save Your Life) SPN ficlet

May - Sweet Ride (BtVS/SPN crossover)
Make It True (SPN drabble)

June - Sweet Surrender (BtVS/SPN crossover)
Sweetness Follows (BtVS/SPN crossover)
Forbidden Fruit (BtVS drabble)
Unavoidable Connections (Ats/BtVS crossover)
Darkness Follows (BtVS, Willow/Xander)
21 Grams (BtVS, Willow/Xander)
Corporate Consumerism (Dark Angel, Alec)
My Brother’s Shadow (Dark Angel, Alec)

July - Seeing Red (Dark Angel, Alec)
The Truth in the Dark (Dark Angel, Alec)
Blinking in the Light (Dark Angel, Alec)
Doesn’t Get Better Than This (Dark Angel, Alec)
Feline Grace (Dark Angel, Cindy)
He’s Not There (SPN, Jo/Sam - kinda)
Quattro Stagioni (Ats, Lindsey)

August - Sunrise (SPN, Dean)
Crisis of Faith (BtVS/Ats, Faith)
Perfect Sense (Dark Angel, Ben)
Telling Stories (Dark Angel, Ben)
Primavera (AtS, Lindsey)
L’Estate (Ats, Lindsey)
Free Fall (Ats/SPN crossover, Lindsey/Dean)
Winter (Ats, Lindsey)
Blinded by love (DA, Ben, Lydecker)
Muted by fear (DA, Ben, Max)
the pain is gonna subside (DA, Ben, Logan, Max)

September - Girls Like Her (SPN, Mary)
Hunter Hunted (SPN, Jess)
His Type (Cassie)
Things I haven’t done yet (SPN, Dean)

October - calls across a star-lit coast (SPN, Jo)
Esprit de Corps (House, House/Chase)
Lacuna’s Option (BtVS, D/X kinda)

November - More Than I Deserve (SPN, wee!Chesters)
do not go gentle (SPN, Bela)

December - Alone Time (BtVS, Faith)
Like Coming Home (Ats, Lindsey)
Standing Vigil (DA, Alec, Ben)
Keep Flying (Serenifly, Zoe)
Rendezvous (DW, Mickey, Rose)
Everything About You (SPN, Sam)
Anti-Choice (Wonderfalls/BtVS, Jaye)
How To Dodge Lightening (SW:EU, Mara Jade)
Going Places (Carnivale, Sophie/Libby)
Angelus Domini (Ultraviolet/BtVS/Ats)
5 Times Faith Left (and one time she said goodbye) 1/6 (BtVS/Ats, Faith)

I am planning to post more in the next day or so. I have more written long hand (as part of my advent fic plan), which have yet to be transcribed. Actually, that's so not the right word - is there a correct term for typing up from long hand writing? Anyway - the point is, that list is *hopefully* not the complete 2007 list.


My favorite story this year (of my own): do not go gentle. A few people to whom I've spoken about this in person know just how personal this story is to me. For everyone else? Bela's relationship with her father is drawn from my life. The race to the front door? Happened. I was so scared when I sent this to be beta read, I was so sure that vignette would be torn out as not needed and when it came back to me complete? I cannot express the relief. And then the sorrow for making my beta reader have to leave the room to collect her thoughts after reading it. Sorry hun!

My best story this year: do not go gentle. And I think this is quite probably my best story ever.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Hmmm. Well, there's a couple of things I've written that have next to no comments so i guess those would be the ones I should think of as the most underappreciated. Purely by numbers 'Going Places' should count, but actually I think 'Angelus Domini' fits in the category better. GP is a Carnivale drabble, a fandom which is over now since the show has been off the air for a few years now and never really garnered a huge LJ following. (and I don't really like the drabble all that much now I come to read it back). 'Angelus Domini' is something I think people might appreciate even if they don't know the Ultraviolet show which features as the main fandom. I get why people haven't read it and/or commented on it, but I'm happy with it. It's exorcised some demons for me and I kinda wish it was better received. Or 'calls across a starlit coast', 'cause it's Jo not too many people read her, but I did a hell of a lot of research on that fic and I liked the end result.

Most fun story: Fun story? Okay, y'all know this is me, right? Angst all the way? I did love writing Semolina Pilchard though - a prompt from booster17 which I think he hoped would stump me. But hey, it's the Doctor! He's never stupmed! Often bemused,but never stumped...

Most sexy story: Has to be Esprit De Corps. Because I don't tend to write 'pairings', and when I do (posted under this name anyway), they're tame. This one wasn't. And I love it.

Story with single sexiest moment: Again, Esprit de Corps. But actually I think the sexiest moment is the point that my beta picked up on and which I am so glad she did - the name change. The point where House becomes Greg. I adore that moment, and yes, for those of you who read my post about not doing chick flicks, it doesn't get much more chick flick than that...

Story with single sweetest moment: The phone call at the end of 'calls across a star-lit coast'. I had a lump in my own throat when I wrote that!

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: 'do not go gentle'. I'm not a Bela fan. My Bela? I like her. I understand her. I really hope my Bela, my broken little Daddy's Girl, has some bearing on the Bela we'll see in the rest of season three.

Biggest disappointment: 'More Than I Deserve'. I like it, don't get me wrong, I really like it. But it's not what I planned, and I rushed it. (As Wench can attest, given that I wrote almost all of it in her kitchen the night it was due for the ficathon)

Biggest surprise: Free Fall. Didn't think it would work, didn't think it would ever see the light of day (especially since I'm not known as a slash writer even though I write more of it than most of you know!). Worked so much better than I thought it would and it caught the mood I was aiming for far better than I ever thought it would!

Hardest story to write: Either of my as yet unposted SPN Christmas fics. They're in my head. I just... haven't got them into words yet. Or any of the Faith/Dean ones that are in my notepads. They've not made it into type yet because I edit as I type and I remember how tough they were to write long hand...

Easiest story to write: 'do not go gentle'. Hugely personal, the words just flowed. I didn't edit this one much and there were very few notes from my beta about changes to be made. It just worked.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: Acceptance, and moving on. 'do not go gentle' probably highlights this quite well, as does 'Standng Vigil' and 'Time To Pay The Reckinong". Oh wait, that last hasn't been posted yet... *g* Soon. I swear. (I'm not posting 'till it's done 'cause I don't want another WIP around my neck.)

In the next year (and this is not part of the original meme), I swear to finish at least one of my WIPs. I plan to write each and every day, whether it ends up being posted, I will write. Because otherwise I'm not being me.

All of my fics, in case you want to catch up or wondered just where they were, are posted to my fandom comm fandomsbitca.

eta Dude. I just realised. I haven't written any Xander-centric fics in 2007. This must be fixed. Now, dammit! First person with a prompt gets a Xander ficlet/drabble!
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