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I should have a tag for random obscure fact checking questions!

Right, so in big libraries, archives and museums, there are movable shelves. Usually they are in non-public areas (like Stacks) but not always. They are a space saving thing meaning that lots of shelves can be in the same place and are only accessible by turning a big wheel on the end of the row which will move the whole thing along tracks and open up a gap between the chosen shelves allowing you access.

So my question is this - are they also used in US libraries and archives, I don't remember ever seeing them on screen but then libraries aren't always the first choice for filming locations really!


(Yes, a plot bunny just bit - what of it?)

eta buggering hell. Something's a little screwy with the age consent settings on the sites, and I don't have the time to trawl the code to figure it out. So on INaP I have just switched off the 'age consent required' alert for 18/NC-17 rated stories. I'll work it out eventually, but I've got a train to catch in half an hour. So in the meantime - you're all on the honour system, if you ain't old enough to read it, you shouldn't be clicking on it. (This also temporarily solves the problem with the links to 18 rated fics on the RSS feeds)
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