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crappity crap. We have a flexitime system at work which is great except that we work it on the buddy system - basically two of us agree that one of us will be in the office between 9 and 5 so we both can't take flexi time at the same time. I have a pretty long drive into work every day and to make sure I get here on time I have to leave at around 7am which means I quite often start at 8am. My "flexi-buddy" is currently on a two week holiday so realistically I can't actually take flexi-time until she gets back. But, we can only carry forward ten and a half hours every month. I've already lost half an hour last month (my own fault, I lost track a little) and now this month I have the 10 1/2 hours from last month and all the time I'm building up with Patsy being on holiday. So I said to the boss today, "is it okay if I leave at four if it's quiet?" to which she says "yeah, so long as Craig comes in."

I'm a little thrown by this because Craig and I work on completely different things (we just happen to be in the same office) but I figure it must have something to do with staffing levels.

Two minutes ago she turns round and says: "Craig's just emailed me, he's slept in so he's taking the day off."

So I don't get to leave early. Again. So I'll be working another 8 1/2 hour day and building up flexi time I'm probably going to lose. Again.

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