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I is still broked

I'm still broken, my arm is mostly in a sling and I'm mostly typing one-handed which is not easy. I've also had a house guest for the last week - the lovely hopeless_cynic who now thinks that Psycho Beach Party is the best film ever made (and also found Celeste in the City quite entertaining...). She may be right, it's certainly a film I never tire of sharing with people when they visit and I've yet to have anyone tell me they didn't like it...

Also saw P.S. I Love You on Friday (with hopeless_cynic, wenchpixie, kitty_cat89 and smeckles90) - it's a lovely film. I don't do chick flicks, but this is one that I can't recommend enough. Although you will need tissues - I don't cry in the cinema, I cried during PS,ILY (Kathy Bates may have looked and sounded a lot like my mum at one point so...) And if you're immensely shallow (as I have been known to be) you get a damn good view of Jeff's arse...

Since the trains to my neck of the woods are, frankly, shite we stayed at wenchpixie's place on Friday, and went into Glahssgow on Saturday. (Funny, I always thought it was Glasgow, or possibly "the town", but tourist sight-seeing buses are incredibly educational...). I would go into more detail but wenchpixieWench did that so much better in her post this afternoon (complete with pictures - Sho, incognito! Avec chapeau!) so I won't. Because my memory sucks.

hopeless_cynic is now on a train home, she just texted me to say she's been stopped at the Lake District because there's a problem with the brakes on the train, and from the weather maps she's running just ahead of some seriously bad weather.

Me? I'm home, doped up on pain killers, sling on, heat pad on, blanket and cushions waiting for me on the couch, and not planning on doing anything else tonight except sleeping (in my own bed...)

So I will catch up with the flist, as well as other online things, but if I've missed anything at all in the past week or so, please link me?

(I is broked because I've torn the muscle in my left arm, it hurts to bend it too much and it hurts to straighten it. It hurts to carry anything in that arm and it hurts to not do anything with that arm. I'm doped up a little, and I'm still dizzy.)

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